2018 Thoughts and 2019 Resolutions

in need of some friends

Hard to believe 2018 is finally coming to an end. It was a bit of a weird year, but a good one for the hobby. There were plenty of interesting releases and a lot of new models out. Not everything knocked it out of the park, of course, but there was still some really good new stuff that came out this year. Kill Team got released, which is the game I’ve been the most excited about since I got started with Warhammer 40k, and in general, things are looking pretty good for Warhammer fans. For my personal hobbying, I’ve made a lot of progress in my painting, and I’m able to do some things now that would have been impossible a few months ago. I also got some people I know into Kill Team, and in general, I’ve had a pretty good time learning and improving my skills. I still think I’m pretty new to the hobby, but I can already tell that I’ve made some progress.

This blog has been helpful too. I’ve only been here since September, but it’s been good to be writing again. Other than miniature painting and building, my main hobby is really writing, and this has been a bit of an attempt to get myself back in the habit of writing regularly. I think there is a bit of a shortage of written wargaming content too, so I’ve been doing my part to remedy that. It’s a little slow going, but I like having a blog to share thoughts and ideas.

For some notes for 2019, I’ve been seeing a few different people post on Instagram about their hobby resolutions for the coming year, and I thought I would throw mine in here as well. I’m not sure who started the #hobbyresolutions2019 thing, but it’s a good idea and a good way to track what you’ve accomplished by the end of next year. So, in no particular order, here goes:

  1. Write more. I write a lot, of course, but I really want to make sure I’m being consistent in my writing. The stats on my blog say that I put something new out once a month on average, and I’d like to have stuff out more regularly than that.
  2. Read more. Unsurprisingly after the last one, I also like to read quite a lot. I have been reading some of the Black Library books, but there are so many of them that I could probably read all year and not be finished. I know the main storyline is the Horus Heresy, so I’d like to get those books to read through for 2019.
  3. Build out my Death Guard army. I’ve got a significant force of Death Guard, but there is a lot that’s missing. I don’t have any kind of armor, and I’ve really only got one flyer in that army. In general, it’s in need of some expansion. Along with that, I’d like to get more familiar with the Death Guard rules as well. I still think that it’s a little hard to see how the army is supposed to work together, so practicing with them a little more would help.
  4. Build out my Space Wolf army. Pretty much the same as the last one really. I’ve got a lot of Space Wolves, but in 2019, I’d like to get, build, and paint quite a few more.
  5. Learn the rules/play more games. These are related of course because the only way to learn the rules is to play more often than I do. I have a tendency to keep going back to the rule book while I’m playing, and that’s mostly because I’m not as familiar with it as I would like to be. Of course, the only way to get better is to keep at it, so related to that is that I’d like to get more games in during 2019.
  6. Buy, paint, and play at least one historical wargame. Ok, so a little context: this is mainly a Warhammer 40k and Kill Team blog, but I’ve become increasingly intrigued by the historical wargaming subset of this hobby. I haven’t personally played a historical wargame, but the miniatures I’ve seen look interesting. There are some incredibly dedicated hobbyists out there for those games as well, and it looks fun. The miniatures are significantly cheaper too, so I think they might do a good job scratching some of that wargaming itch without completely breaking the bank. My first love will always be Warhammer 40,000, but I’d be interested in branching out a bit.
  7. Buy, paint, and Play the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. This one falls into the branching out category as well. I’ve always been a huge Tolkien fan, and one of my favorite scenes from the books and the movies is the Battle of Pelennor Fields. When I saw that Games Workshop was releasing an updated Lord of the Rings rule set, with some new miniatures, in a Battle of Pelennor Fields box set, I knew I had to have it. Of course, life, reality, finances, time, etc. got in the way, and I still don’t have it, but I’m hoping to turn that around in 2019.

So there it is. Seven goals and aspirations for the new year. I don’t really feel like I’m turning over a new leaf as much as I’m building on the things I learned from 2018. I do hope to get a chance to do some branching out from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, so hopefully, quite a lot of that will be coming down the line in 2019. Personally, I’m looking forward to the new year, and I’ll check back in around this time next year to see how I did and if I managed to accomplish some, all, or none, of these goals.

Happy New Year, everybody!


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