Hobby Progress: Grey Hunters

I’ve got another unit of Space Wolves to work on this week. This time around, I wanted to make their armor a little more decorative, so I worked with a lot more silvers and golds than I normally do. For this unit, I’ve also been working on some power swords which are really fun to work with. As always, click the pictures for more detail.

For the power swords, I primed them a flat black color, and then gave them a couple thin coats of silver. This allowed the black to show through the lighter silver color and make the whole thing look a little darker. For the blue sword, I finished it off with a really thin layer of a high gloss blue which allows the metallic paint to shine through and makes it look like blue metal instead of just a dark colored steel. For the runes on the second sword (yes, they need some touching up) all I did was take a really small brush and paint them red. They both turned out pretty cool looking.



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