My Kill Team: The Magnificent Seven

I finally finished building and painting all the members of my Adeptus Mechanicus kill team. I have every intention of putting pen to paper and writing down (with the help of the Kill Team Core Manual) their backstory and all the individual quirks and everything, but for now, they are all fully painted.

As usual, click on any of the pictures to see them in  more detail.

These guys were a joy to work with. The models themselves are very dynamic and can be posed in a ton of different ways. I don’t even usually like the building aspect of the hobby, but for this one, even that part was enjoyable. One thing you might want to note if you are going to paint up some of these guys: definitely paint the pieces before you put them together if you want them to look really good. There are a few places that get covered by the robes and weapons that would just be impossible to get to unless you had a really tiny brush and a steadier hand than mine. If these parts were covered to the point where you couldn’t see them, that would be one thing, but these are all parts that would be hard to get to with paint, but are still decently easy to see.

For my kill team, I really wanted each model to be unique, so I made them all different colors, and although the pictures don’t show it very well, the inside parts of the robes are all different colors too. I also stepped up my basing game for the first time (there’s a post coming on that at some point) as well. I was trying to think of what martian soil would look like, so all I did was get some sand texture gel, paint it a dark red, and dry brush some brown into it. Overall, I think it turned out quite well.



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